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Drifting snowflakes brushed her face as light as lover’s kisses, and melted on her cheeks.

You two did something together that no one’s ever done before. You surprised me.


03x18 / bleeding through

Title: UnknownSongs to Have Sex To #52
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▪ House Stark meme two starks;

└   1/2 - Sansa Stark

Harry Potter + Soundtrack



CROWN ON THE GROUND [A REGINA MILLS MIX] “these bloody days have broken my heart”.

i. “burn the witch”-queens of the stone age; ii. “bad blood”-bastille; iii. “empire”-atlas; iv. “carmen”- lana del rey; v. “seven nation army” -the white stripes; vi. “i’m good, i’m gone,” -lykke li; vii: “hardest of hearts”-florence & the machine; viii: “bones”-ms mr; ix: “blood bank”-bon iver; x. “demons”-imagine dragons; xi. “power & control”-marina & the diamonds; xii: “who are you, really?”-mikky ekko; xiii: “flaws”-bastille

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